So recently we have had, as a church, time given over to prayer where we sought to hear from God, looking at what He is saying to us in terms of the future of our café.  Soon (or possibly this will already have happened - depending on when you read this article!) we will be celebrating God’s faithfulness to us as a church over the years when we gather for our church anniversary.

It’s worth remembering that though these two events took place on different dates, indeed different months, they are actually both linked. As we come before God to ask for His guidance and provision for our future (and our prayers concerning the cafe and other aspects of our ministry are not a one off, they are not a case of we’ve done that so now we can forget about it) we do so in the light of knowing how God has provided for His people in this place over the decades that Moreton Baptist Church has been in existence. The knowledge and indeed the experience that we have of witnessing God’s commitment in action is an assurance that He is not about to forget us now.

There were many times in the history of Israel when they were faced with circumstances that could easily lead to the question, does God care what happens to us? Are we part of God’s purpose anymore? That can be asked selfishly; it can be asked with the attitude - what about me as if it is us that should be centre stage of God’s plans. If asked like that then disappointment may follow. Yet if the question is asked with a desire to be part of what God is doing then God is wanting to involve those who love Him. He is wanting to include those who will give themselves to Him, no matter what mistakes they may have made in their past. As a church I hope that we will be encouraged to pray about the plans that God has for us that we will regularly come before him not concerned about ourselves so much as for God’s kingdom to grow with us being willing participants in that, and as we pray we will see God’s provision.  


 Message from the Minister

(with the odd word from Hannah)